About us


Exhaust Tips reimagined for modern car

Autopipework is an industry-leading manufacturer of exhaust tips that focuses on making maximum power, optimizing design and enhancing protection with our exhaust system.

We offer an affordable way to personalize your exhaust system. Our 5" CNC Billet cut exhaust tips as a stand-alone bolt-on personalization to today’s modern vehicles with only the best materials and coatings and a simple bolt-on design. It's not like the others.

Autopipework is the industry’s #1 leading manufacturer of exhaust tips, high performance exhaust systems for cars. We control every process to assure our best quality. We give the best economical offer comparing with same level exhaust tip.

To this day, our mission remains simple: to create an affordable but outstanding brand that puts design, versatility and functionality first. We want to create a set of well-designed exhaust tips that are far superior to any other tips in the market, ultimately attempting to reinvent the exhaust tips category.


What makes us unique?

We started Autopipework because we want to offer a unique to the marketplace, exciting and edgy line of exhaust tips. Our exhaust tips have three benefits: protect the tailpipe to prevent rusting and deformation, offers an elegant and mysterious look that perfectly complements your car's' tailpipe and make it easy to install to your car. Why should you have to choose between beauty and function? We  - combining high-quality fabrics with multifunction.