Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

The warranty

Autopipework offers up to 12 months warranty on its products, providing customers with the confidence when shopping on our website.

Please note that all our products are imported goods and there is no manufacturer's warranty. Instead, we will cover the warranty through our company.

The warranty period starts from the invoice date, including the shipping, return shipping time and repair duration. The duration for inspection and repair of a product can take up to 4 weeks.

Terms and conditions

  • Our warranty only includes the degradation of the products. It does not cover the harm caused by injuries or human negligence.

  • Customers will have to pay the postage to return the goods to us and we will cover the expenses of shipping it to you after repair service.

  • We strongly recommend to send the item with a trusted courier and well packaged as we will not cover any damages or lost during transit. We reserve the right to reject returns for items returned that do not comply with the satisfactory condition mentioned above.

  • Within the 12 months warranty, we will be responsible for the labor costs involved with replacing the defective equipment. 

  • All warranty requests should be made via opening a RMA ticket.

  • Autopipeowork may request customers to perform damage assessment before you need to send us back the product for replacement or repair. We have to right to refuse your warranty request if you fails to obey RMA instructions.

  • If the request of repairing items approved, you may send the items to our company. Yet, we are not liable, nor pay any compensation for the loss of broken items. You should keep any accessories that not required for the repair.

  • Repair usually takes about 3-10 weeks depending on the damage condition and we will keep you updated in the process. If repair requires a component to be shipped directly from the supplier, extra expenses will be incurred and we will let you know soon.

  • If the cost of repair is not feasible, or vice versa, we can opt to replace your products. If the product no longer useable, we may opt to substitute it with similar product with the same value. We will compensate you with a certain percentage of value of the unit price, taking into account the time of use when repair and replacement are both inaccessible. 

  • When you change your home address, you must contact the service centre while your product is being repaired.

  • Customers will be responsible for the costs of postage charges, testing and examination and maintenance costs if the faulty of the products is found not to be covered by the warranty.

  • Consumers will be responsible for safeguarding the personal belongings (including all information and data). We advised to you make safeguards, such as full backups of all consumer files and records, and to enforce virus search controls. We cannot be held responsible for any injury or failure during the repair procedure.

  • Please keep your payment receipt or the original invoice as a proof of purchase, so we can warrants the products during the period of warranty.

  • The warranty should not be transferred to the third party.


Items that are not covered

  • Normal wear and tear

  • Any issues created by someone other than our agents or the vendor such as altering, downloading or deleting the package, firmware, applications, or operating system

  • Destruction caused by damage, vibration, dropping, rain, dust, debris, humidity, heat, battery leakage, burning, burglary, attempted robbery, arson, acts of war or terrorism, decay, pollution or intrusion of liquids, freezing, floods, waves, earthquakes, lightning, or other adverse environmental conditions

  • Any unintentional or intentional damage to the items, unauthorised use, storage or handling

  • Any harm arising from service with inappropriate or erratic supply of voltage, or batteries not approved for the system.

  • Connecting to other connectors, accessories, hardware or software that were not approved by us

  • Repair or cleaning by unauthorised people

  • Flaw on exhaust tips which is not caused by manufacturers

  • Quality loss, product deterioration or physical harm arising from the use of interchangeable parts or other replaceable products (such as consumables) that the supplier does not produce or prescribe.

  • The product serial or IMEI has been taken off

  • All free gift with the purchase